Once the Method Statements, Risk Assessment and tank entry permits have been issued and approved, our highly trained, tank cleaning personnel, wearing the required P.P.E and using the calibrated tank entry equipment, internally clean the tank.

The benefits of internally cleaning a tank are, you are capable of assessing the level of sludges and/or contamination, you know the tank has been completely cleaned and are confident in the ability to refill that tank but also our personnel can visually inspect it at the time of cleaning to ensure that it is not pitted, corroded and the plate is fit for use.

The size or location of the tank is not an issue; we have cleaned from the smallest 250 gallon waste oil tank to large terminal storage tanks that hold hundreds of thousands of litres. They can be above ground, underground or contained within buildings.

Gas free certification can be issued if required and are valid for a period of 24 hours from time of issue.  During this period they carry our public liability insurance cover of 10 million pounds.

All tank washings are removed off site and disposed of in accordance with current legislation. We can register your site with the Environment Agency on your behalf and can liaise with any relevant authorities, i.e. trading standards/Petroleum Officers if you require.

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