Tank Inertion by means of Water filling

Inertion by means of Water filling is usually carried out when works are being undertaken onsite to ensure the tanks are vapour free and therefore rendered safe. Our procedure is an approved method as outlined in the Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations, commonly known as "The Blue Book" and also by Petroleum Officers/Trading Standards. The benefits of this are that you are reassured in the knowledge that your tanks are totally inerted, water levels can be easily checked whilst the works are in progress for safety reasons and your tanks can quite easily be reinstated



Once the works are complete and your tanks require reinstating, we attend site and uplift the now slightly contaminated water and transport it in accordance with current legislation to our licensed facility, where it is treated and recycled as specified in our permit.

All works carried out are covered by a current Risk Assessment and Method Statement