Product Uplift & Transfers

All our vehicles are Petroleum Regulation Specification; all have Vapour Recovery Capabilities and onboard low pressure jetting facilities. Prior to the product being uplifted onto our vehicle, gauge readings are taken, our personnel and customer agree the quantities for transfer, once the product is uplifted, our paperwork is then produced and signed off by both parties, the material is then transported to your nominated site. On completion of the transfers, any waste residues would be removed, an Environment Agency Controlled Waste Document completed and the waste transported offsite.

Grade Changes on Petroleum Forecourts

If you require the grades of fuel to be changed from tank to tank because, for example, a new grade of fuel is being introduced, L.I.S can quite easily and effectively do this with just one Multi-pot vehicle. Your tank(s) can also be flushed and the residual fuel removed.

Contaminated Products/Crossovers

If your tank develops a leak or ingress of water your product may become contaminated. Incidents may occur where your product has been delivered into the wrong tank. We have a 24 hour emergency facility where we will attend the relevant site to uplift the product and return it to source or dispose of it in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 at our own Licenced Recycling Facility or another suitably Licenced site.