In 2004 L.I.S were awarded on of the first IPPC Permits by the Environment Agency.

Now known as the Environmental Permit, we have the ability to treat and recycle our customers waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way at our own facility, rather than via costly third party incineration or landfill. It also means that the Company can keep disposal rates at an affordable level whilst also helping to protect the Environment.

The Haydock Lane Recycling Plant accepts a wide range of hydrocarbon and aqueous waste streams. We use natural and energy efficient techniques to treat and recycle the waste.

Compatible wastes are initially allowed to separate by gravity in one of a number of storage tanks. The aqueous phase is then treated by a blend of petroleum and hydrocarbon degrading bacterial strains that convert any remaining contaminants to water and carbon dioxide. The oil or petroleum phases are transported to appropriate off site recycling facilities.

The plant is supported by its own laboratory which analyses and monitors both incoming wastes and effluent, to ensure compliance with Environment Agency and United Utilities regulations.

The laboratory also analyses fuel samples for microbial and water contamination in support of Total Fuel Solutions.