L.I.S are the sole distributors & applicators of BritFoam™, which is a British manufactured UF Polymer resin based HardFoam widely used by the Petrochemical, Utilities and Construction industries throughout the UK for the permanent decommissioning of tanks, voids and pipelines.

This application procedure is approved by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Association and by other Local Licensing Officers throughout the United Kingdom.

Unlike concrete there is no need to gas free the tanks before injecting BritFoam™, all that is required is for the tanks to be emptied of all residues beforehand. Upon injection our product absorbs any hydrocarbons left present in the tank rendering the tank inert and safe.

Our experienced team can decommission a full site in under a day or in the event of a live site where only one tank is required to be decommissioned these works can be carried out with minimal disruption resulting in the site remaining open for business.

BritFoam™ is an entirely British manufactured resin based hardfoam which has been used to decommissioning underground storage tanks, voids and pipelines at hundreds of locations throughout the United Kingdom

The formaldehyde content in resin generated hardfoam has always been of great concern to the industry, however, BritFoam™ contains significantly less formaldehyde than other products currently being used by our competitors making BritFoam™, in our view, a more environmentally friendly option in line with government recommendations/guidelines.

BritFoam™ has the benefit of being virtually odourless and non reactive to normal skin conditions. It has an overall compressive strength (average 51.8 Newton’s) making it easier to remove and more manageable to handle and work with. Another added benefit is that it cures quickly with minimal shrinkage.

To reinforce our commitment to our product we inject a vegetable dye into the foam to clearly indicate that the decommissioning works have been carried out by us and to distinguish our product from other similar products currently available on the market.

BritFoam™ is safe to handle, although as with all chemical based products, attention must be focused on Health and Safety and adequate procedures should always be put in place according to the task at hand.

Tanks decommissioned with BritFoam™ have already been excavated from the ground and accepted at landfill sites; only positive feedback has been received from customers. Furthermore, tanks have been reinstated back into working use having previously been decommissioned with our product and again only positive feedback was forthcoming by the company who removed the BritFoam™ from the tank.

The obvious benefit of BritFoam™ over slurry is the cost and time saving that can be achieved. Unlike slurry there is no need to clean and gas free the tank or remove the tank lid to enable decommissioning to take place as BritFoam™ can simply be injected through the existing pipe or a flange on the manhole although ideally we would recommend the tanks are bottomed and flushed prior to being decommissioned. An added advantage is that an average sized site can be decommissioned in less than one day with minimal disruption to the customer’s business and surrounding neighbourhood.

BritFoam™ meets all the criteria stated in Section 15 of the APEA/IP Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Filling Stations ("The Blue Book"). Having considered all the BritFoam™ technical data and scientific test results confirmation has been received from the LFEPA ("London Fire Emergency Planning Association") and other Authorities throughout the UK stating that they have "no objection" to our product being used for the decommissioning of below ground storage tanks/pipelines using an approved procedure.

Finally, Health & Safety is of the utmost priority; therefore our operatives all hold current ADR Licences and Safety Passports are fully trained in Confined Space entry, use of breathing apparatus and have medical certificates for Lead at Work Regulations.