Often at a later date, for a number of reasons, decisions are taken to remove underground storage tanks from the ground, some of these tanks having previously been decommissioned with our product.

The underlying purpose of BritFoam™ is to fill the disused tank to capacity, to absorb the hydrocarbons and to render the tank inert hence making it safer to handle should this be the case at a later date.

Another scenario is when a decision is taken to reinstate the decommissioned tank with a view to bring the tank back into use. In such circumstances BritFoam™ can easily be removed, the tank cleaned thoroughly, the pipe work reconnected and tested, obviously this is on the proviso that the tank was/is still in good condition.

As well as being extremely manageable to handle and work with, it is virtually odourless and non-reactive to normal skin conditions. To date we have not encountered any objections to BritFoam™ being accepted at landfill.