Product Uplift & Transfers

Our petroleum specification tankers are capable of holding up to 26,000 litres of fuel and with the ability within that capacity incorporate 3 different grades on one vehicle. Residual fuel is uplifted and transported off site for disposal.

Grade Changes

If you need to move fuel around your site, it can be done easily and effectively with one multipot vehicle.
The tanks can be flushed and fuel disposed of in accordance with hazardous waste regulations 2005.

Contaminated Fuel

If your fuel is contaminated we can uplift the fuel and either dispose or transfer to a suitable terminal.

Tank Inertion by Waterfilling

We have the capability to water fill your tanks, we only use final effluent and not potable water, no matter how much you need.

Dewatering & Disposal

On completion of the works we will uplift and transport the contaminated water back to our recycling plant, where it is treated using our microbial process and then discharged to drain under consent to discharge issued by United Utilities.

Spillage Clearance/ Interceptor Cleaning

Spillages are cleared and the affected area cleaned thoroughly. All waste transported off site for disposal at our own facility.

Above & Below Ground Tank Cleaning

After the lids have been removed, we treat the internal surfaces of your tanks with a de greaser or detergent, remove all sludges and pressure wash clean. A certificate will then be issued to you to certify your tank has been cleaned to a gas free standard.

Hot & Cold Cutting

Once the gas free certificate has been issued, the tank can then be hot or cold cut depending on the circumstances and your preference. This is particularly beneficial if you are removing a tank from a space with no or limited vehicle access.

Cold Cutting Excavated Vessels

Once the top of the vessel has been excavated, utilising air driven specialist cold cutting tool, the top is then cut open into an 'I' shape. For easier access for dewatering cleaning.

Tank Removal

We can arrange the removal, transportation and disposal of any tanks you no longer require.

Baffle Drilling

Baffle plates can be safely drilled to enable you to increase your tank capacity for the same fuel grades without the cost of replacing the tank.

Tank Installation

Need a new tank? We can provide and install your new tanks in accordance with BS 799.